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The Grey Army Story

Grey Army was established in April 1997.


Our genesis was as a marketplace for senior Australians to offer and commission reliable home maintenance work.


It was immediately embraced by the public!


From a humble beginning we have grown to become a significant property maintenance company with over 2,500 team members across the country.  Our clients include people of all ages looking for a reliable service through to large Corporations, Government and non-government institutions.



How we express our values has evolved over time.  Our current expression is summed up in two key words.....


Integrity & Respect



They may seem a little old fashioned, but we like them for the commitment they make to our customers to treat them with the greatest care, putting their needs first.  It is this difference from our competitors which has built our business into what it is today…. quite possibly the most Trusted property maintenance company in the country.

Do you Share Our Values?

Our values are incredibly important to us.


We have spent considerable time and money delivering on these values, they are what sets us apart from other maintenance companies.  They are also why we have been able to extend our service offering in to Aged Care and Disability Support.


At the end of the day it all comes down to Trust.


We cherish the Trust our customers have in us to deliver time and time again.  We honour this Trust by committing to a 12 point pledge.


To join our Team you must share our commitment to the pledge.

To find out more download our Service Provider Kit

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