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Join our Commercial Team

We are looking for experienced and skilled trades people to help service our significant Commercial client base. 


The Commercial Team is comprised of our most trusted and skilled members. Consequently our expectation is the Commercial Team will consistently deliver a quality service and embody our brand values of Integrity and Respect.


Work when you want

Grey Army offers you the freedom to work when YOU want, for as long as YOU want, with no pressure of a contractual commitment to a fixed term.


Steady Guaranteed Work

Demand for services from our Commercial clients is strong and steady so, should you choose to, you could expect a steady stream of job requests, it’s a great way to top up your existing workload.  It’s also a great opportunity if you’re looking for just one extra job per day to slot into your schedule.


Attractive Payment terms

We offer attractive payment terms. In fact, you can expect to be paid within 7 business days from the job completion.  No chasing customers, and no bad debts.


The Commercial Team service the needs of our largest and longest standing clients, many of which are Care organisations who use our services to have work carried out in the homes of their clients.  


If you are interested in being part of our Commercial Team please complete the form using the button below.

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